About Me

I’m a single, black Christian female with a heart for God, a desire to fulfil His divine intention for me in the earth and acutely aware that I was made for marriage… yes both natural and spiritual! As I have not yet crossed that river into the Promised Land, I’ve committed to set my heart to gain greater clarity as to the way I should take. After all, if I keep doing the same things in the same way I will always get the same results! Ah! Madness.

This blog will therefore be a documentary, if you like, of my journey and my pursuit for a brightly lit path from singledom to marriage with as much ease, peace of mind and joy on the way as I can possibly gather. So this will in essence be my step by step approach, utilising the wisdom gleaned from the countless authors, teachers and…you! So be prepared to see a lot about books, articles, podcasts etc. If there is possible wisdom to be gleaned, it’s gonna be gleaned here.

Come along with me, let’s take this journey together!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Naturally the intent of your blog draws me. I’m definitely “for” marriages—godly and between a man and woman. AHA! I look forward to reading your works. God bless.😊

  2. Good for you! So proud of you; what a great wife you’ll make. Preparation time is never wasted time! Look forward to reading more and hopefully witnessing God’s goodness toward you! Blessings…

    • Oh thank you. I do hope you won’t have to wait too long, but in the meantime surviving singleness without losing hope is in itself a process of refining and perfecting.

      As for being a great wife – I know that greatness is achieved through daily making ‘great’ choices. So here’s is loving rightly and choosing well. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I’ve been checking in for new posts Spark, where did you disappear to? Anyway, just letting you know…thinking about you, praying for you 🙂 God’s best wherever you are!

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