Live Now!

 ‘Never put off till tomorrow what we can do today’.  Lord Chesterfield

Although we often say we want to live in the moment, it is amazing how easily we can go through days, weeks, months and even years only to suddenly realize that we are no longer as young as we once were – we almost miss our opportunity to be and to do the great things we have in our hearts.

I used to be sixteen, then suddenly I was twenty-one then in a flash I was thirty! Oh how quickly the years go by and it is now that more than ever I’m coming face to face with the possibility of being eighty-five with a depressive garland of regrets around my neck. I do believe however in another cliche that says, ‘better late than never’.

I therefore think it’s time for me to re-evaluate my life and make room in my daily activities to ‘do’ & to ‘be’ great. After all, tomorrow waits on no man and life is short, so I must live now!

So since ‘you only live once’, here I come!


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