The Hope of Beauty

The lovely Colette Toach sent this message to my inbox today so I thought I would share it you with.

A newly formed rose bud is tender and it takes time for it to open. If you had to force it, you would damage its precious petals and the beauty of the flower would be lost. So also is my plan like this bud. Do not rush it, but wait for it to open before you. For you cannot force what only I can do.

A red rosebud, probably from the rose bush L.D...

A red rosebud, probably from the rose bush L.D. Braithwaite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All you can do is wait and to watch as I unfold the impossible before you. For it is a miracle of nature. It is a miracle to see such a small bud suddenly open to reveal a full rose with its fragrance diffusing everywhere. In the same way good things wait for you my child. However, if you rush ahead without me, you will force my will and lose out on the full beauty that I have for you.

Allow me to open the doors my child. Wait for me to bring the opportunities to you. As you do this, when the season is right, the bud will open and you will rejoice and be grateful for the wait. Look forward then to the season ahead. Look forward to the good things that await. For that is also the blessing of the rose bud. It carries a hope of beauty. So know that there is a hope of beauty for you too my child.

The help is coming. My will shall unfold. The beauty for ashes will be yours. Only do not rush it. Do not rush my will and my blessing for you. Allow it to unfold naturally and as it does, it will bring a deep and satisfying joy into your life. Your hope of beauty awaits child. Now wait and see the goodness I have for you.


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