Preparation – Part 1

“With the right ingredients, marriage should take place naturally, automatically, without you even trying. So if you are failing to find a marriage partner, and you have been desiring one, probably the reason you haven’t found one yet, is because you are not yet ready for marriage.” Single No More, page 18

Ouch! That’s harsh. But is there some truth to that though? There is an old saying my teachers use to throw around in High School, ‘Failing to prepare is to prepare to fail.’ Now if there was a manual circulating the Church Hall where I have spent so much of my life, I would have found it by now. There wasn’t, trust me, I looked! and No, the Bible doesn’t really count in this…remember the saying, ‘…so heavenly minded…no earthly good?’ There are natural, practical steps to take to get from here to there and I have walked in much of it but in a ‘stumbled upon’ sort of way. In other words, it was never a focussed endeavor with a specific goal…marriage… in mind. Rather, it was primarily a spiritual pursuit to relationship with God…praying with BOTH eyes shut tight. So Les is right. I missed a step.

Note to self – Pray with one eye open, be specific and clear about what I seek and take the necessary steps to grow in every way. Then trust God to bring in a good harvest!

MarriageMarriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

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