Destiny is not a place

A time nor a destination

Destiny is a journey

A series of seemingly unrelated events

Bruised knees, cracked bones,

Bloody knuckles & oceans of tears

Laughter untapped & challenges small & great

Destiny is made of all these

Destiny is a journey

Into love gained & lost

Being vulnerable & naked

Being tested & tried

Its winning & losing

Stopping & starting

Its sprints & marathons and races without end

Destiny is made of all these things

So who will I be when it’s all said & done

Will my heart be embittered by failure and pain?

Will I still smile in spite of things not going my way?

How will I respond when challenges come?

As I know they must –

If I get rain instead this week and

If I never gain the things I think I need

Who would I be then when its all been said?

If I never get a chance to sing my song

Or dance to my own melodic drums

Will I still have love & laughter deep in my heart?

I’ve spent my whole life wanting…no longing

For truth, for purpose, for destiny

But destiny is a journey

So I must travel well.

(c) 2010


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