Did God Really Say…? Part 2

Maintaining Faith When Christian and Single

I had such an experience recently…heck, I’m still having it. I’ve been down a path…up a mountain toward my own Mt. Moriah with my eye squarely fixed on ‘happy ever after’. Like Abraham I was sure I heard God say… ! But like most people I know, I thought the destination was the goal, the purpose, the divine intention when in fact, the destination turned out to be the journey itself.

I should probably be upset with God but hey, how can the pot accuse the Potter of faulty design? In fact, I find that I needed this journey up the mountain. It was a time to reflect and question and remember

why I trust God. I needed time to remember the past and consider how far I had come. It was a time to settle, once and for all the question of marital desperation…‘Am I desperate enough to settle?’


wait (Photo credit: CmdrFire)

It was a long a tedious journey which involved many days of wondering, ‘Did God Really Say?’ It included a struggle to remain steadfast in my faith in the God who promised to give bread when we ask for bread, never a stone. But, I have no regrets. I can still stand tall today, plus I now also have a solid awareness of a holy resolution and a new fascination with God that’s burning strong within me. So as I remember the significance of this day…Jesus Christ crucified for me…I draw more grace to close the door…although this is proving a bit of a challenge as there seems to be a foot stuck in the doorway.

I needed to be on this journey, in this place so I could come to this holy resolution within my heart. So I’ll wait!


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