Did God Really Say…? Part 1

The Christian Single’s Dilemma

I can see it now, that windy day when Abraham walked toward Mount Moriah to sacrifice his only son there. How he must have argued in his mind. Questioning whether he should believe what he thought he heard You (God) say. Should he trust You or should he grab his son and run?

It occurred to me just now that we tend to assume that Your instructions mean what we think they mean and often we argue that if things do not work out as we expected, then YOU must have changed your mind. But the thought I just had is that Your instruction to Abraham was more a direction rather than a description of his DESTINATION. You were not trying to describe his outcome. All You did was give him a direction  in which to go (due east…Mt. Moriah) and gave him ‘food for thought’ (to sacrifice son) as he went.

Woodcut for "Faith" depicting Abraha...

Woodcut for “Faith” depicting Abraham and Isaac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The challenge of the moment was not the direction You gave nor was it the ‘food for thought’ in fact, the challenge was the activity that would take place in Abraham’s heart and mind as he made the journey. As he walked toward Mt. Moriah, Abraham argued with himself until he came to a place of resolution. He resolved to obey and to trust the God he had come to know over all those years.

I now feel Lord that it is mankind who assume that Your directions are descriptions of our outcome when in fact they are often just directions. As such we tend to despise the journey and complain, wishing we could skip the journey when in fact it is the journey that is the destination. It is the journey that we should crave as it is that which develops and enlarges our hearts and works in us a holy resolve.

By the time Abraham got to Mt. Moriah, he had already come to a resolution. He had ALREADY reached his destination. The peak of Moriah was arguably ‘beyond‘ the finish line. It was just set there to lure him toward the real destination i.e. the point on the journey where he would reach that holy resolution. It was only a signpost set in place to help keep Abraham going in the right direction so that the true goal could have been achieved.

So yes, God did really say but this does not mean things will work out as I expect. What is important however, is did I make a holy resolution?

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