Single No More

I came across a wonderful book a few months ago aptly called, ‘Single No More’ by Les Crause. Recently revised and released in kindle under the title, ‘Finding God’s Perfect Match: Hope For Christian Singles’…I prefer the old name and yes, I am going to use the old version here.

Chapter 1 begins thus,

The title of this book is ‘Single No More’, and my goal is to make sure that by the time you have finished reading and applying the principles, you will indeed no longer be single.

Suffice to say, I more or less sped through the book in a flash and knew right  away I needed  to go through  it step by step …s l o w l y. This blog will be a documentary of the step-by-step process through this teaching so I invite you to come along with me.  Throughout my exploration of this ‘other’ way, I will add my opinions and findings relating to our spiritual, mental and physical preparation so don’t be surprised when I start talking about gifts development, fashion and personal hygiene?!!

In the meantime, check out his Kindle here

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